How Our Business Started


I am going to start off by saying Thank you for visiting our website and looking around. We are very excited to announce the products that we have to offer you!!

I will give a little bit of background on Rey, and I. We met in 2014 through mutual friends, we hit it right off and a year later got married in 2015. We have been together 7 years now and have finally found our passion and what we like to do in our spare time. 

We were very close to our grandmothers, they were our everything. We spent a countless amount of time with them and made so many memories. We cherished ever single moment until their last breathe.They always reassured us that we would go somewhere special in life and do amazing things if we were just patient.

One day Rey, and I decided we were going to start wood burning just as a side hobby and something we both enjoyed doing that we could do together.When we did that we noticed that we were much more capable of doing more things that we thought we could have. So we wanted to venture out more and see what else we were capable of.

Rey is now head of the wood burning department because he loves it and he does very amazing work. I on the other hand loved the wood burning, but I also took up candle making anywhere from decorative candles to the smallest of wax melts I absolutely love to do. The idea of candles started because our aunt bought me a small little candle maker for Christmas, I started to play around with it and watch many videos on candle making for dummies and at that moment I had made my very first candle with very good scents and then I started venturing out more, and using my imagination and what I could do to make the candles more interesting for the eye! Our minds kept thinking and wondering what we could with ourselves and what we could do start our very own small business.

We were thinking one of names that we could name our business that really meant a lot to us, we sat and thought and couldn't think anymore!!

Sue Anna Marie's Novelty's 

The first name is for my grandmother who passed away from Breast Cancer

Anna was Rey's grandmother's name of his mom's side of the family

Marie was Rey's grandmother's middle name and also mine.

They were perfect because each of them had their own unique styles, they were completely different people, but they said the same thing.

Stay strong and do what you believe in because we have always believed in you,no matter the circumstances they always approved of our up and our downs, and we know that they are watching over us today and saying to each other, Man Oh man we are finally glad that they listened.

We are very appreciative of you supporting our small business and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.



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